Brain Tester – The Walkthrough, has been released to the AppStore!

16 08 2010

Brain Tester – The walkthrough has finally been completed and is now in the AppStore!


Are you ‘Top of the class’ or a complete idiot? Find out with this fun to play app. Some levels will have you pulling your hair out! So we have made ‘Brain Tester – The Answers’ for all those stuck with the super tricky questions.

Test yourself and your friends who’s the smartest and who’s the idiot?

The beauty of iOS4

With the new update from Apple, we can now intergrate multitasking into our apps. This is extremely useful as now you can skip back and forth between different apps.

The arrows point to the answer on each slide, flip back to Brain Tester to press the correct answer and continue on.

To flip back and forth from apps, double tap on the home button and choose the app…

Check out more info in the AppStore.


Brain Tester update

2 08 2010

A new Brain Tester is coming your way. The new update will include compatibility with iOS 4 and multitasking just being the main part of the update.

Keep checking back for more information on Brain Tester 2!

iTouchWood now in the AppStore!

11 03 2010

iTouchWood has now been released into the AppStore. Click the image below to see it!

iTouchWood Submitted to the AppStore

9 03 2010

Are you superstitious?

Always have to touch wood to hope nothing bad happens?

Never a piece of wood to touch?

Your superstitions will be healed with the next iTouchWood.

Simply whip out your iPhone, click on the iTouchWood app you can touch wood.

Theres more to the app than reaches the eye!

Please check out our other apps on our website and in the app store.

For any questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement, please contact us.

Pocket Quagmire submitted to the AppStore!

10 10 2009

Here is a preview of the new app to come!


Weehaay! That’s right, your favourite Family Guy character is now on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Pocket Quagmire features countless classic catch phrases for you and your friends to play with.

Bored? Prank call your friends with the voice of Quagmire! Pocket Quagmire is an easy to use single screen soundboard. Check back soon for more free updates!

IMPORTANT! – Users experiencing no sound must make sure that all sounds in the general settings menu are enabled. Also make sure you have system sounds set to either headphones/speakers or both. Alternatively complete a full device reset after installation. If the problem persists please contact us using the links provided on iTunes. Thank you.

**DISCLAIMER** Pocket Alan is intended for novelty use only. AppATapp will not be held responsible for any inappropriate behavior carried out whilst using this product. The price charged for Pocket Quagmire covers development costs only. All sounds and character names are copyrighted and trademarked by their respected owners. **DISCLAIMER**

Quagmire Screenshot

Check back to see when its in the AppStore!

New app! Brain Tester now in the AppStore

21 05 2009

Finally our new app Brain Tester is in the AppStore.

Check it out.


GirlsNCars app now in the AppStore!!

17 05 2009

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