Resolving the ‘setStatusBarHidden:animated:’ is deprecated warning

11 01 2012

I had a few issues trying to resolve the deprecated warning within Xcode regarding the ‘setStatusBarHidden’ line of code.

Stackoverflow had a bunch of answers that were out of date and did not work with Xcode 4.2 and iOS5.

This line of code enables your status bar to be hidden when the app is launched. I used it for a few of my apps, the main one being Brain Tester.

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] setStatusBarHidden:YES animated:NO];


[[UIApplication sharedApplication] setStatusBarHidden:YES withAnimation:

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New updates release + Buy apps for sale!

15 12 2011

I have released an update for MyReactionTime so that should be in the AppStore soon.


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My story to this day

8 03 2011

iPhoneAppCafe have featured me on their website, have a read, see what you think.

Successfully developing iPhone apps is a young man’s game, but they don’t come quite as young or as successful as Tom Phillips, the owner app development business AppATapp. Tom began developing iPhone aps at the tender age of 17 and now he has reached the grand old age of 18, he has built AppATap into a leading app company and has well over 11 thousand downloads of apps under his belt. What began as a part-time hobby designed to earn him some extra cash and build up his portfolio for University has led him to being the head of his own company with a very bright future ahead of him. iPhoneAppCafe caught up with him for a chat…


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New App! Brew Up

26 02 2011

After a long wait, Brew Up is now in the AppStore.


Forget fiddly pen and paper

Tired of asking your whole office what they want to drink and forgetting it when you get to the kettle?

‘Brew Up’ is the new all in one list for all your tea and coffee rounds.

Never forget the brew, or who asked for it!

Simple, quick and easy to use.



Brain Tester – Now free!

26 10 2010

The high selling sensation that is Brain Tester, is now free in the AppStore.

It will be free for a limited time only, so get your copy quick!

Brain Tester Update!

29 09 2010

Apple have just released the new update for Brain Tester. It now has some funky music added. Have a look and listen in the AppStore.

AppATapp’s new website

25 08 2010

We have had a redesign of the website. Now if you navigate to then it will be directed to the new website. Check it out!